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Newborn Looked Healthy, Then Mom Notices Her Baby’s Lips Changing Shape After 2 Weeks

Hollianna Lockhart could not have been more excited for the birth of her daughter, Brianna Brewer. By all accounts, she was the perfect baby girl.

But when Brianna was 2 weeks old, her parents noticed a small mark on the top of her lip. Doctors informed them this was a condition called hemangioma, where blood vessels gather under the skin resulting in a bruise-like lump.

Her parents weren't too concerned, but by the time Brianna was 7 months old, her lip had swelled so much it was bigger than her nose. The tumor wasn't cancerous but it did obstruct her ability to eat and would affect her speech in the future.

"At its largest the hemangioma was the size of a kiwi and was so big that Brianna was struggling to eat and we had to feed her from an angle," Holliana said. "It was in front of where all of her teeth came in, so I've never seen her smile."

Hollianna decided to pursue surgical options for her baby girl. She knew that her daughter was beautiful but was worried about bullying in school. She wanted her daughter to have an emotionally fulfilling life. Dr Chard Perlyn agreed to do the surgery and was confident it will improve her physical development.

Brianna has since had the surgery and she is now a normal baby girl!

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