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Newlyweds Make Detour To Hospital To Visit Injured Grandma

When newlyweds, Brian and Lauren, decided to bring the wedding to the groom's 91-year-old grandmother, she couldn't believe her eyes!

Grandmother, Peg McCormack, was unable to attend her grandson's wedding due to a broken ankle. But that didn't stop her from getting all decked out for the wedding! She wore her special outfit, had her hair styled and sported a corsage for the big day. It didn't matter that she would be spending it cooped up in a hospital bed.

When she saw Brian and Lauren walk in, the look of surprise and joy on her face said it all. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Tragically, Peg passed away just weeks after the wedding. Thankfully, this magical moment will live on through these beautiful images photographers:

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