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"Nightmare Neighbor" Who Terrorized His Street For 8 Years Is Finally Sentenced

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In 2009 when Jason Clark built a orange wooden fence along his property line, his neighbors complained that it was an eyesore.

They had no idea what kind of ordeal their complaints would kick off. Today, more than 8 years later, families on Clark's street in Montgomery, Alabama say they can finally breathe a sigh of relief after their "nightmare neighbor" has been sent to jail.

For almost a decade, Clark transformed his home into a strange suburban fortress, and had ugly disputes with anyone who tried to stop him. Neighbors say they felt like "prisoners in their own home," and the stories they tell about that time reveal this was no simple neighborly argument.

Pictured: Clark's neighbors.

Clark's neighbors say he would yell at them, make abusive phone calls and death threats and hide in their bushes to scare them. They even claim he recorded the private phone calls they made to Clark and played them over a loudspeaker attached to his home.

Lights and surveillance cameras from Clark's home.

Along with his fence, which was covered with "no trespassing" signs, Clark attached extra-bright floodlights, security cameras, strobe lights and motion-sensing alarms to his home. Neighbors say this was just one of the tactics Clark used to intimidate them.

But over the years Clark's behavior only became stranger and stranger.

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