Nine-Year Old Successfully 3D Prints a Prosthetic Hand

Calramon Mabalot is not your average nine year old. He and his brother have been working with a 3D printer for some time now, and recently they felt inspired to build a prosthetic hand with articulated fingers for a local teacher he met at the library. He found the plans using the E-Nabling the Future  Project which makes all the information you need available online. Calramon took it upon himself to build the pieces, assemble it and custom fit it to the teacher's arm.

Calramon was interviewed by 3DPrintingIndustry.com and when asked about his influences he mentioned that the Disney movie "Big Hero 6" was an inspiration because 3D printers were used by the main character to make the armor.


Calramon and his brother have their own website, Brother Robot where they post their projects that they have been working on, as well as a YouTube channel that shows time lapse videos of their work.

Calramon has been working with a 3D printer for about a year and a half. Since he is only 9, that is ridiculously impressive. He wants to continue to build more prosthetic arms now that he knows how.

I don't know about you, but when I was nine I wasn't nearly this productive. Check out Calramon's Twitter if you would like to keep up what this brilliant kid gets up to next! Or take a look through his YouTube Channel and see what other projects he has done including this tiny entry into the "Tiniest Full Body Selfie"

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