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No One Asked This Walmart Employee To Do What he Did, But Now His Act Of Kindness Is Going Viral

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With all the negativity and hate that's been in the world as of late, any news that reminds us that there is some good left in this world is welcomed. This story about an incident that took place between a Walmart employee and an elderly customer will restore your faith in humanity.

Brittany McKee was making her way through a Walmart store in Evans, Georgia when she stumbled upon a heartwarming scene that she couldn't help but share on Facebook.

Brittany was shopping with her husband when they noticed a senior "passed out and fallen on the floor" near the refrigerated section. As a registered nurse, Brittany didn't think twice about offering help and the woman soon "regained orientation."

While they waited for an ambulance to arrive, the woman explained that she collapsed due to dizziness caused by the blood thinners she was taking.

But through the entire ordeal, an employee named Jason Lewis stood out from the rest of the "amazing" Walmart staff that came to the ill customer's aid.

What did Jason do that earned him so much praise?

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