No One Knows How It Happened, But This Brave Kitten Survived Despite Burns On Over 40 Percent Of His Body

Hugh Jackman was covered in burns on 40 percent of his body.  When rescuers found the injured kitten, they couldn't believe someone could do something so cruel.

His legs, ears, nose and mouth were covered in burns of varying degrees. He was rushed to BluePearl Veterinary Partners for immediate treatment. According to People, the hospital has been watching the kitten round-the-clock for the past two weeks.

No one know what happened to little Hugh, but just like his namesake, he's a toughie. The little fighter has pulled through in spite of the horrible mistreatment he's endured.

Rescuers say that he's suffered from fur loss, bone trauma and sever burns on his eyes, nose and chin. The facial injuries suggest he was forcibly submerged in a caustic substance.

Despite all of this, little Hugh greets his caregivers with smiles and cuddles. He truly is an angel.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577 TIPS. If you'd like to donate to Hugh Jackman's care visit His care is being covered by the Special Treatment and Recovery Fund (STAR).

[h/t PEOPLE]

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