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No One Was Expecting This Brady Bunch Star's Death

Sadly, on November 24 2016, we lost an iconic Brady Bunch Star.

Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady in the hit series, passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She was suddenly admitted to the hospital a few days prior where it was determined she was suffering from heart failure.

Henderson was 82.

Henderson was a Broadway star first, with roles in 'Fanny', 'Oklahoma', and 'Wish You Were Here.' Fans will always remember her, though, as the blonde haired TV mom with the infectious smile. She appeared on two seasons of 'Dancing With The Stars', both times being heralded as 'a mom to us all.'

There has been an incredible show of love for Henderson all over social media, with past cast mates expressing their sadness.

Rest in peace, Florence Henderson. You will be missed.

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