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Nobody Expected This Skinny Kitty To Survive, Watch Her Unbelievable Transformation!

Raggedy Ann is a senior cat who didn't have a hope in the world until she was found by Saving One Life, an animal rescue group in Chandler Arizona.

When she was rescued, she had been living in a double-wide mobile home with 40 other cats and two dogs. Even though this sweet senior kitty was 14 years old, she weighed just 3 pounds and 15 ounces - as much as a four month old kitten.

Doctors took one look at her photo and warned her foster mother that it was unlikely that Ann would survive. No one expected her to live much more than a night, but this brave cat clung to their love and began to gain weight.

With each passing day, Ann gained strength and her fur began to grow back. Her foster family is so proud of the progress she's made and they can't believe how beautiful she is.

In just four months, Ann gained over 10 pounds and she's looking so mewtiful! She's ready for her new home and she's hoping someone out there is ready to love her furrever.

We're so happy for you Raggedy Ann - hopefully you'll find a forever family soon!

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