Norwegian Guy Gets Himself Stuck In Toilet Trying To Retrieve Friend's Phone

I know friendship is supposed to know no bounds, but I don't think that includes going feet first into a toilet to get a friend's phone.

Apparently in Norway, though, that's exactly what friendship means. 20-year-old Cato Bernsten Larsen decided to lend a hand to his buddy who dropped his phone in a public toilet. For some reason, he decided to go in FEET FIRST. The toilet was attached to a tank instead of a normal sewage tank, and Larsen managed to get himself lodged in there for a full hour.


Larsen's amateur diving skills got him in the toilet, but he couldn't climb out. Firefighters were called to the scene and had to break the toilet to rescue him. Larsen described the situation as "damn disgusting" and the "worst situation" he's ever encountered. Plus there were animals down there with him.

"I will never enter a toilet again. It was very unpleasant," said Larsen.

Larsen was hospitalized for injuries to his upper arms, as well as bites all over his body (we don't even want to know.) The phone was never found.

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