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Nothing Says Autumn Like 15 Baby Goats Wearing Adorable Sweaters

Finally! It's fall!  You know that this means all things cozy are back - snugly sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, hot apple cider and thick, woolen socks. One of our favorite things about this change of season are the fall fairs, complete with country bands, cool, starry nights under warm blankets and most importantly, the petting zoo!

That's right, people baby farm animals everywhere! From ponies and fuzzy yellow chickies to my personal favorite: baby goats!

Nothing says fall fair like walking between the stalls of a warm barn with grin in your hands while those little leapers prance around. If you can't wait for your baby animal fix, the internet has got you covered.

The internet has combined two of our favorite things about fall: baby goats and sweaters! Scroll through these adorable pics and videos, and prepare to "awe" - you can thank us later.

Little Frostie the snow goat got an infection and temporarily lost the use of his back legs. So his new family at Edgar's Mission fitted him with a little wheelchair to get around!

This little floppy goat is one of three triplets born at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine, USA

Little cuties!

Good morning baby goat!

Pocket goat?! I'll take two...

Awe! Matching sweaters!

This goat knows how to pose!

Diva kid...

This little jumper loves his jumper!

See, this is what happens when you don't wear your sweater!


In case you didn't know your goat anatomy here's a diagram:

Too cute! Petit prancer!


Goatie Jammies!

Baby goats are extra hop-y because they eat roses for breakfast, it's science.




Look at those tiny trotters!

Here's a video of some triplets frolicking with their mama:

Ok... maybe one more picture...

I promise, there is a baby goat in there... somewhere...

Happy Fall, y'all!

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