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Nurse Arrested And Dragged Away By Cop After Refusing To Violate Patient's Rights

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Footage of an awful scene has emerged out of a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah after a nurse refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient.

Alex Wubbles, a nurse at university was arrested and forcefully dragged to a police car by Detective Jeff Payne when a stand-off over a patient did not go according to Payne's wishes.

Body cam footage from the incident has been going viral, and it's not looking good for the officer. The footage shows Wubbles refusing to approve a blood sample from an unconscious patient on the grounds that he cannot give consent. She tells the officer he must provide a warrant in order to get the sample. Detective Payne acknowledges there's no warrant, but still doesn't listen to Nurse Wubbles and the hospital official on speakerphone.

Detective Payne then starts to get agitated, saying "I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow."

The patient in question was involved in a car accident which left one other person dead, so police wanted a sample of the patient's blood to see if he was under the influence of any illicit substances. Detective Payne cited "implied consent," a law in Utah which previously allowed officers to draw the blood of patients. This law has not been in practice since 2007.

Multiple hospital officials are consulted as Wubbles holds her ground, but eventually Detective Payne gets fed-up and grabs the nurse, yelling "You're under arrest! We're done!"

In the unsettling video, you can hear Wubbles yelling “Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!”

Wubbles is dragged to the police car, where she claims the officer is hurting her. He says "Then walk!" to which Wubbles replies "NO! I have no reason to walk."

Nurse Alex Wubbles is dragged out of the hospital at the hands of Detective Payne

The footage then ends with Payne talking with another officer, wondering how this will affect his off-duty job of transporting patients for an ambulance company.

“I’ll bring them all the transients and take good patients elsewhere,” Payne says.

Now, after the footage has gone viral, the police department has finally responded to the incident.

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