Officer Brought To Tears When He Meets The Boy He Saved 20 Years Ago

In 1997, Officer James Poole saved a young boy's life at summer camp. The boy, Christopher Jones, was just 5 years old at the time when he fell into a swimming pool and started drowning.

Officer Poole pulled Jones from the water after he had been under for over 15 minutes. Jones was technically dead, his heart having stopped beating. But Poole did not give up and he saved the young boy's life.

Since that day, Christopher Jones has been trying to find the man who saved him.

"Officer Poole is a name I'll never forget. Ever since that traumatic incident I've always tried to meet him. Always tried to get in contact with him," Jones said.

A few weeks ago, Jones was on the Columbus Police Department's Facebook page when he noticed Officer Poole's name. He set up a surprise meeting with the help of the police department and finally got to meet the man who saved his life.

Both Jones and Officer Poole are brought to tears during their meeting. Jones mentions he would not be here today without Poole's help, and neither would his 5 year old daughter, Aleah.

"I never thought of like something that I would do 19, 20 years later that would come back and somebody would thank me," said Officer James Poole.

Jones calls Poole his guardian angel and says he wants them to stay in touch. He also hopes to join the Columbus Police Department one day so he can save lives like Poole saved his.


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