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Older Brother Gives Up His Race To Stop His Little Brother From Collapsing

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee are brothers who competed in the World Triathlon Series together.

Jonny Brownlee, the younger of the two brothers, was leading comfortably heading into the final mile of the race, but the extreme heat started to take it's toll on him. He started weaving and stumbling across the course and eventually stumbled to the side of the course to stop the race.

Almost immediately after Jonny stepped aside. his older brother Alistair ran by and can be seen telling the volunteer "I got him!". Alistair took Jonny's arm around his shoulder and ran him to the finish line, even pushing Jonny ahead of himself so he would finish in second place.

Jonny immediately collapsed at the finish line and received medical attention. He was reported to be in recovery and doing well, but he had been transferred to the hospital for precaution.

Afterwards, Alistair was asked about his act of kindness towards his brother.

"It was a natural human reaction to my brother but for anyone I would have done the same thing. I think it's as close to death as you can be in sport," he said. "If he'd conked out before the finish line and there wasn't medical support it could have been really dangerous."

But of course, as all brothers do, Alistair couldn't miss a chance to take a shot at his younger brother.

"I wish the flipping idiot had just paced it right and won the race. He could have jogged the last 2km," he joked.

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee won the gold and silver medals in the triathlon at the Rio 2016 Olympics, but it was this display of brotherly love that captivated the hearts of the world.

Watch the video of Alistair carrying Jonny. It's filled with emotion.

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