Cookie, The World's Oldest Cockatoo In Captivity Died Today At The Incredible Age Of 83 Years

Cookie, the Major Mitchell's cockatoo first came to the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago in 1934 from  Australia's Taronga Zoo as a 1-year-old. No one expected that he would live as long as he did at Brookfield.

According to zoo curator, Tim Snyder, this curious and cranky cockatoo wasn't afraid to tell you what he thought of you. Like most grumpy old men, he would snap at people he wasn't very fond of. Cookie's health declined quickly over the weekend, he suffered from many complications of old age including osteoporosis, arthritis and cataracts.

The 83-year-old bird, was believed to be the oldest living bird of his kind when his health took a sad turn for the worse. When Cookie's health took a turn for the worse, zookeepers made the decision to euthanize him. On August 29, 2016, the zoo posted a tribute video on Youtube titled, Farewell, Cookie. Rest in peace little guy.

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