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Olympian's Monstrous McDonald's Cheat Meal will Blow Your Mind

22-year-old Olympic Athlete, Sawan Serasinghe, surprised everyone when he revealed his post-Olympic meal. The Australian badminton player had his photo snapped with a buffet of McDonald's food after he was officially done his competitions. We've taken the liberty of breaking down what Serasinghe eaten so you can get a sense of just how much food this is. I won't say I'm an expert on McDonald's, but I will say I've conducted a lot of research on their product.

First off, the fries.

From what we see, there's six containers of what we are assuming are large fries. At 510 calories per box, that's approximately 3060 calories on fries alone.

Next, the nuggets.

It looks like Serasinghe is treating himself to four boxes of 10 Chicken McNuggets. So 1760 calories. Casual lunch meal, no?

He's got a health-conscious one Big Mac on his feast table.

Only 540 calories. Gotta watch those carbs.

We're making an assumption that the two wrapped items in the corner are just plain burgers.

These are a conservative 250 calories each. So a round 500 total.

Next up, the Quarter Pounder with cheese.

That's a casual 540 calories right there.

Then he's got two McChicken's as well.

At 370 calories each, he hits a round 740 off of those two.

He's also got three dipping sauces for all this, and at 50 calories a pop he's looking at 150 calories on sauce alone.

Time for dessert now. Because obviously there's still room.

Six (count 'em, six) brownies.

They ring it at 280 calories each. Times six, so 1680 calories for those bad boys.

He's also got a large Strawberry Milkshake.

That's a cool 850 calories there.


To wash it all down, he chose water. Gotta be health conscious, y'know. He is an Olympic athlete after all.

In short, Sawan Serasinghe is our spirit animal. Anyone who can eat all that and still have an 8-pack is hero status in my books.

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