Olympic Diver's Marriage Proposal: Cute, or Bad Timing?

Chinese diver He Zi had a pretty eventful day, to say the least. First, she wins an Olympic silver medal in diving. Then, she's proposed to moments after receiving her medal! And on live TV no less. Zi's boyfriend of six years, Qin Kai, got down on one knee following her medal ceremony and shocked everyone, including her.

"I didn't expect him to propose today," said He Zi. No one can fault you on that one. Luckily she said yes. And honestly it's pretty cute when you see the pictures.

This extremely public proposal has caused a lot of controversy to start swirling. It was a very sweet gesture, yes. And obviously it's great that these two have found each other. But was it unfair of Qin to propose not only in public, but also while Zi was receiving one of the greatest honors of her life? What especially got people upset, was how many news outlets were calling the proposal a bigger deal than her Olympic freakin' medal. People took to Facebook to voice their opinions on the matter.

One of the two main problems people are having with the proposal are that Qin kinda put major pressure on Zi. When a proposal is so public, it makes it hard for the other person to say no. For such a personal, private moment to be broadcast across the globe, it can be extremely stressful for the person being proposed to. What if she wasn't ready? Or wanted to say no? Then she would come off as the bad guy. The other problem people are having is the stolen spotlight. This woman has just achieved Olympic greatness and it's being overshadowed in the media by her fianceƩ.

Others, though, are saying that people are being way too sensitive about the entire situation.

There's definitely points to both sides. What do you think? Was the proposal too much? Or was it a romantic gesture?

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