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This Dad Goes On A Brownie Binge, But He Realizes Too Late That They Were Laced

This Nebraska dad unknowingly ate four pot brownies which sent him into a four-hour high.

When he came home from running errands, this 53-year-old husband and father found the brownies as he was unloading the car. Figuring they were harmless, he helped himself to four and began to feel a little strange. At first, he was dizzy, but as time went on, the drug took effect.

Thankfully, his wife came home just as he began to experience some "really bad anxiety." She helped him sort out the culprit - magic brownies. They called the kids, but no one answered. Dad's symptoms got worse and he began to crawl around on the ground, he just couldn't stop fidgeting. His wife called the paramedics and as they entered to help him get to bed, he cursed out the cat, calling her a 'bitch.'

The real worry was that he would lose all the work he had done to earn 29 years of sobriety, the father admitted to police and paramedics that he is a former addict. After the investigation, no further action was taken. The high lasted four hours, but it took until the next day before he really began to feel better.  In the end, Dad's sobriety is still in tact and no charges were laid. As for the cat? Well, she's probably still a bitch.

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