Once You Master This Trick, You'll Never Buy Fresh Produce Again

If you love gardening, but don't have the space to grow your own produce from seed, then this trick is definitely worth a shot.

We all buy fresh produce from our local grocer, but many of us don't know that the scraps can actually be saved for regrowth projects!

That's right, you can REGROW your head of lettuce, romaine, celery and green onions!

Here's how you can regrow lettuce:

Life Hacker


1. Chop off a few inches from the bottom of the heart

2. Put the heart into about half an inch of water

3. Keep refreshing the water every couple of days and allow it to get some light

4. You'll want it to grow long enough to get a good harvest and begin the process again

5. When you're ready to harvest, remember to trim off the outer leaves of your starter heart

6. You can even plant the newly-sprouted hearts in a pot of soil or your garden!

[h/t Life Hacker]

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