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After Just One Hug, This Little Girl And Old Man Are Best Friends

When Norah Wood turned four years old in September, her mother Tara took her to the local grocery store to by some cupcakes. As they passed the soup aisle, Norah reached out to an old man and gave him an unusual hello.

"Hi old person," she said, "it's my birthday today!"

The old man whose face had been stuck in a frown just moments before smiled. The two of them talked, Norah asked for a hug, and her mother took a picture of the pair of them.

When Norah's mother got home, she posted about her daughter's strange greeting on Facebook, and someone told her who the man in the photograph was.

Dan Peterson was 82 when his wife Mary died. For months, he fell into a deep depression that nobody could pull him out of. Until, that was, Norah stopped him at the grocery store and asked for a hug.

Tara got a hold of Dan's number and gave him a call to see if he would meet her and Norah again. Since then, they've been fast friends, and they've seen each other at least once a week.

When Halloween came along, Norah visited Mr. Dan (that's her special name for him) and showed off her Minnie Mouse costume.

Then Mr. Dan spent Thanksgiving with Norah's family.

They even got each other Christmas gifts! Mr. Dan bought Norah a set of fancy dress-up clothes, and she got him some framed pictures of them together.

Mr. Dan says that Norah's given his life purpose again. He has his own grandchildren, but they've already grown up and moved away. Norah has her own grandparents as well, but her mother says their relationship is different, and almost impossible to explain.

Like how, just a few days after they met, Norah fell asleep holding a photo of Mr. Dan.

Why they became such good friends so quickly doesn't really matter to Norah and Mr. Dan. They just both know that they care about each other. It just goes to show how a little bit of friendship, even from the most unexpected of places, can change someone's life for the better.

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