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One Impulsive Decision Would Change Their Lives Forever

It was 1969 when John Rendall and Ace Berg,  two Australian tourists spotted a lion cub for sale at Harrods, a British department store.

It's hard to imagine it happening today, but after seeing the beautiful cub, cramped and lonely in his cage, they decided to buy him and give him a better life.

They brought the cub home to Australia and named him Christian. A local vicar allowed Christian to exercise on the church grounds, but the wild cat outgrew their apartment. The men decided it was time to reintroduce him to Africa.

They brought Christian to George Adamson's game reserve in Kenya and set him free. In 1979, John and Ace wanted to visit Christian, but they were told he would not remember them.

Undeterred, the men flew to the reserve and searched for Christian. What happened next was amazing:

Their final visit with Christian was a much calmer event. Now, he was the king of his own pride and had grown twice his former size and was in total control of the situation.

That was the last time they would ever see Christian again. Maybe it's better this way, all wild animals should be free.

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