Mom's Sure-Fire Way to Get Her Kids to do Chores

Getting kids to do chores is a tough task. Getting me to do chores is equally as challenging. No one really wants to do them, and often times they get piled up and left until the dishes are completely overrun into the next room. But there's one mom who has found a way to make sure her kids not only get the job done, they do it fast.

It's no secret that today's kids are focused on everything but reality. If it's not on a screen, it's not important. So how do you enforce getting chores done? Why, take away the internet of course! Check out the awesome note this mom left for her kids.

Wow. She really laid down the law. You can tell just how well she knows her kids too, adding in a condition to avoid any reuse of old photos. She's clearly an old pro. It's such a clever and creative way to make rules for the house, while also making it into a game. Every mom in the neighborhood is probably going to start using this tactic once they see how fast it gets things done. Why not do it for other things too? "I've hidden the remote control to the TV until you send me a picture of an organized garage," or "The keys to the car are with me until you've folded all the laundry that's in the dryer." There's definitely something to this tactic that's sure to get some butts in motion!

I think it's a safe assumption that everything was accomplished quickly. Can't miss too many notifications in a row. People might start to worry something is wrong!

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