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One More Impossible Thing Just Happened In 2016

They said it'd never happen - heck there's even a Christmas song about it (and many other things) - and yet, here we are.

Somehow 2016 has found a way to punk us all with a freak snowfall in the Sahara desert.

You heard that right. Snow. In the Sahara. Desert.

The Algerian town of Ain Sefra was treated to a very rare early white Christmas on December 19. Reports say that it is the first time the town has seen snow in 37 years.

The Sahara may be the world's largest hot desert, but that didn't stop 2016 from doing what it does best. This year's twilight-zone strangeness has gifted us all with this unexpected blanket of winter white upon the desert town's red dunes.

Normally known for being on of the driest and hottest places on the planet, this part of the Sahara definitely challenged that belief. It sure does make for some beautiful pictures though!

Also, don't let that 1984 Band Aid song fool you, it does actually snow in some parts of Africa. There are ski resorts at the world-famous slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, as well as in Chréa and Tikjda in Algeria - to name a few.

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