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One Of The Duggars Is Opening Up About Her Abuse By A Family Member

The Duggar family is nothing if not controversial.

In 2015, it was revealed that Josh Duggar molested two of his sisters and solicited sex from an online site. He apologized for his actions, saying he was a teenager at the time and deeply regrets his actions. He confessed his wrong-doings to the police and went to rehab for his problems.

Then it was revealed that Jim-Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the clan, enforces a 50 page questionnaire for all potential suitors of his daughters. Essays and everything.

Now, Amy Duggar, Jim-Bob's niece has revealed that she was abused by a family member.

Amy has always been seen as the "rebel" Duggar. She wears pants, shorts, bikinis, etc. She dated men before marrying her husband, is a country singer, and just all around does not fall into the Duggar family values. She still holds her faith close to her heart but not to the extremes as the rest of her family.

Amy Duggar and her husband Dillion King appeared on the show Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars where Amy revealed she had been physically abused. In a teaser clip for the show, Amy describes a situation where someone picked her up by the throat and lifted her towards the ceiling.

"I can't say who it is, but I can say, on the show I did forgive them," Amy told People magazine. "It was a very heartfelt moment where I actually forgave that person who hurt me when I was younger. So, it was a family member. I love the person very much and we're better now. But I did need to heal from that."

Amy makes it very clear, however, that it was NOT her husband, Dillion King, who abused her.

It's unclear who abused Amy, or when, but chances are there will be more information once this episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars airs. Many people are speculating that it was Josh Duggar who abused Amy, but as of yet there has not been any confirmation.

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