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Oops! Guy Loses Ring As He's Proposing To Girlfriend On Live TV

Proposing is already stressful enough, but doing it at a live sporting event just makes it 10 times worse. But losing the ring? That's one way to give yourself a heart attack.

29-year-old Andrew Fox was all set to propose to his girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger at the Yankees-Red Sox game. It was all planned, he was going to propose during the game on the big screen and on live TV. No biggie.

It was all going perfectly. Fox got down on one knee in front of 35,000 people in the stadium, opened the ring box and...

Oops. HE DROPPED THE RING! And not just "oh it's tumbled out a a little but I caught it." He lost the thing.

That's when Fox started to panic. And rightly so. It took about 5 minutes, but everyone around them helped search for the ring. It ended up being in his now-fiancé's pant cuff.

"Definitely not the way I planned it," Fox said. "I thought it was just gonna be a simple kneel down and pop it out and ask her, but it instantly just dropped out. I was so scared I started to cry."

It's a happy ending, though. She said yes! Our tip to the soon-to-be-newlyweds? Maybe keep the wedding rings on a string so you don't have a repeat performance!

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