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It's Not A Fanny Pack, NASA Sells Piece of Lunar History by Accident

Some things aren't as big a deal as others. For example, being late for work is not a big a deal as, say, selling a piece of history.

And yet here NASA sits, trying to gain back ownership of an artifact from the moon landing. The bag that was used to collect moon samples in 1969 was accidentally sold to Illinois resident Nancy Carlson in 2015 for, get this, $995USD. This isn't just a plastic grocery bag, guys. This is a literal piece of history that still contains pieces of the friggin' moon.


NASA didn't even notice their mistake until Ms. Carlson sent the bag in so she could have the authenticity verified. And now NASA is refusing to send it back. There's so many lawsuits surrounding this it's almost hard to keep track.

But basically, Carlson is suing NASA for the bag to be returned, and NASA is rebutting that, saying they were never given the "opportunity to deny its interest in the lunar bag." Frankly, NASA should be thanking Nancy Carlson.

If she hadn't sent the bag in, who knows if anyone would have even noticed its disappearance? However this all plays out, one thing is for sure. Whoever made the clerical error allowing this fancy fanny-pack to be sold is about to get in some serious moon-trouble.

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