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23 Of Oprah's Favorite Things You Need This Year

Get excited: Oprah released her list of favorite things for 2016!

There's a ton of new things that she's into this year, and honestly all of them are incredible. You could probably get every gift you need this holiday season off of this list.

Oprah included everything from jewelry to clothing to electronics to food.  She has covered all the bases for you.

Here are our favorites of the favorites. Take a look and start making that list!

1. Trio Gloves

Get them HERE

"Anyone who's ever searched for a lost glove will love this touchscreen-friendly interchangeable trio: It's a pair and a spare, so you'll never be caught cold-handed." — Oprah

2. Orbit Key Finder

Get it HERE

"Attach an Orbit to your key chain, download the free app, and find your keys with your phone (at the push of a button, Orbit chimes loudly). It works in reverse, too: Press a button on Orbit to find your cell—it rings even in silent mode. Genius." — Oprah

3. Scented Fire Starters

Get it HERE

"When I'm home, I wait for the clouds to start rolling in so I can curl up next to the fireplace. With these pinecone-shaped, scented fire starters, made from organic beeswax, wood, and essential oils, I'm in for an evening of pure coziness" — Oprah

4. Organic Grow Kits

Get it HERE

"I absolutely love cooking with fresh produce from my garden, and these urban grow kits will give city folks the same joy. They provide organic seeds, organic soil, and a container made from 100 percent recycled tea bags; you provide the sunlight, water, and love." — Oprah

5. Travel Cord Rolls

Get it HERE

"Do you know how much time I waste digging through my bag for my earbuds or a charger, only to find them tangled together? With these fun compact cases, your wires will never get crossed." — Oprah

6. The Book Of Joy

Get it HERE

"I want to wish all of you joy—because there is no better gift. Two spiritual masters, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, share their wisdom in this uplifting book. I promise you, it's the best $26 you can spend." — Oprah

7. Harry Josh Pro Tools Brushes

Get it HERE

"I'm always looking for a kinder, gentler way to blow-dry and detangle—and I'm a sucker for a fabulous shade of green. These professional-grade brushes (many with boar and nylon bristles) are almost as good as a day at the salon." — Oprah

8. Bamboo Chic Lite Circle Cardis and Pants

Get it HERE

"I'd live in my PJs if I could—and who says I can't? These huggable, feathery-soft pieces have a slightly tailored silhouette, so I can wear them for Saturday errands without going schlumpadinka." — Oprah

9. Cell Case & Card Sleeve Crossbody

Get it HERE

"My friend Urania has something like this, and I think it's so cool—because I always lose my phone! Wear it as a cross-body or a wristlet to stow your credit cards and cell safely and stylishly." — Oprah

10. The Original Pasta Pot

Get it HERE

"I took a look at this aluminum cookware with a lock-on lid and built-in strainer and had just one question: Where have you been all my life?" — Oprah

11. Foot Nanny Rose Treatment Set

Get it HERE

"There's a reason Footnanny has made the list three years in a row: It's just incredible! Founder Gloria Williams and I sniffed so many scents before settling on rose and rose-lime. The kit includes soaking salts, a rich cream, and a pair of the softest spa socks ever." — Oprah

12. Center Stage and Dauntless Frames

Get it HERE

"You're always writing to me asking about my glasses. I highly recommend these readers for their antiscratch lenses and absurdly low price. Bonus: With their big bold frames, they're impossible to lose." — Oprah

13. Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

Get it HERE

"I didn't realize I needed a new pair of Beats, but this wireless version has Fast Fuel, a quick five-minute charge that yields one hour of playback. Now that's my jam!" — Oprah

14. Aura Frames Digital Frame

Get it HERE

"This digital frame is magic! Download and sync the app, and with the Family Share option, Grandma can see your latest photos on her frame all year long, no social media required."  — Oprah

15. Eml Jay Hair Ties

Get it HERE

"Your ponytailed friends of all ages need these sweet stretchy hair ties in delectable packaging. Let's face it: Woman cannot live by scrunchies alone." — Oprah

16. My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers

Get it HERE

"These little creatures are powerful mini Bluetooth speakers that produce clear room-filling sound. Once you're done singing along, enable the selfie feature and snap a pic." —Oprah

17. Glitterville Plates

Get it HERE

"I love a simple white plate, but sometimes it's nice to mix things up. The pastel colors and marbling patterns on these porcelain dishes create a striking—but not matchy-matchy—table." — Oprah

18. Burt's Bees Pajamas

Get it HERE

"I took the liberty of testing out an ultracozy organic cotton onesie (on our cover, no less!) so I could personally attest to its comfort and quality. You can outfit your whole clan—perfect for the annual holiday card." — Oprah

19. Harry Barker Furry Friends Bucket

Get it HERE

"A Harry Barker bucket, chock-full of chew toys and a large tin of cheese puff biscuits, is a doggone delight. My opinion? This is what all dog parents need." —Oprah

20. Ultimate Treatment And Nail Lacquer Collection

Get it HERE

"I give a Butter London nail polish set to each of my girls every year—there's something so luxurious about it. Especially when the 22 polishes spin easily in a lazy Susan. So fun!" — Oprah

21. Travel Pillow Organizer

Get it HERE

"Don't worry about snoozing and losing your valuables on board. Slip your phone, passport and glasses into the pockets of this memory foam neck pillow, and never touch that grimy seat-back compartment again. Every passenger will be asking, 'Where'd you get that?'" — Oprah

22. Cocoon by Sealy Classic

Get it HERE

"If there's anything better than a good night's sleep, let me know, because I haven't found it. What I have found is a memory-foam mattress that ships in a remarkably hassle-free box that will actually fit through your door. Open it up and hit the hay." — Oprah

23. Biggie's Tower Of Toffee

Get it HERE

"They don't call it "crack toffee" for nothing. Crunchy and buttery, with toppings like white chocolate with pistachio, cranberry, and coconut—once you start, you can't stop." — Oprah

You can see the entire list of Oprah's favorite things HERE. Which one do you want most?

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