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Adorable Orphaned Bobcat And Adoptive Siblings Find Forever Home

Earlier this year, little Autumn the Bobcat kitten lost her mother and sibling when they were hit by cars on the Minnesota highway. She was rescued and brought to the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota.

Although she was very well fed and cared for, her keepers felt that she could use some friends. So, they contacted Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona, where they were already caring for two male Bobcat kittens.

The boys were brought to Minnesota and all three kittens were introduced the habitat at the same time.

One of Autumn's new brothers, on the prowl.The Wildcat Sanctuary

At first, Autumn was a little nervous about her adoptive brothers. She hissed at them, and would only observe from a distance. The caretakers decided to wait and let time work it's magic. Walking into the sanctuary, the next morning, they were surprised by what they saw: all three kittens curled up together!

According to the sanctuary, they have been inseparable ever since.

Little Autumn suffered a terrible tragedy loosing her family. Thanks to the work of these two sanctuaries, she and her new brothers have a forever home and siblings for life!

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