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About 150 Animals Rescued From Horror Farm in Ohio

Officials from Brown County Humane Society responded an anonymous caller who reported a bad odor coming from the back garden of a Fayetteville home in Brown County, Ohio.

Wardens found 139 goats, chickens, sheep, rabbits and dogs crammed into makeshift pens in the small yard.

Volunteers and members of the Brown County Humane Society and Brown County Animal Shelter report being shocked by the deplorable conditions in which they found these animals.

According to Deputy Dog Warden Barb Ashmore, the owner surrendered the animals, but an investigation is ongoing. (The owner's) "explanation was he was going to try to feed his family on these farm animals," said Ashmore.

The Humane Society website says it took two days for volunteers and officials to remove the animals, who are all now in foster care.

"All the animals seized are being evaluated and treated by veterinarians. We are in great need of donations to help cover veterinarian and feed costs for these animals."

According to the Humane Society's Facebook page, the team caught "118 starved, sick and injured chickens." Sadly, some of the animals they found were already dead.

"The look of relief on their little faces when we took them out of the trucks and put them down on the grass at their new home was priceless," they wrote.

Thank goodness these animals were rescued! Although all of the animals are ready to be adopted, they've still got a long way to go. If you would like to donate to their recovery, visit their donation page here.

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