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5 Houses That Take Halloween VERY Seriously

We have given you some ideas to help you carve a pumpkin that looks out of the ordinary, we gave you some ideas for different DIY decorations, but what if you want to take it to the next level? Maybe a bit on the far side of extreme...

These people show you just how far you can take your Halloween decorations - and let me tell you, they get REALLY into it. It is so fun if you manage to pull it off, but from experience, it takes a lot of time and energy. In my one attempt at a crazy Halloween display, we made an alien crash scene that turned out pretty cool but was a lot more work than we originally thought! There isn't much time left before Halloween but, I am sure if you worked really hard you might be able to pull off something amazing!


Pirate Ship Crash

Two brothers gave their mom's house a makeover that apparently caused people to drive for hours to check it out. Ricky, 39, told Good Morning America that it took two weeks to make ,and once it was done they were having a Halloween Pirate Party for all the trick-or-treaters. The details are amazing, from the fake siding, to the broken up driveway, all topped off with the little pirate bar set up by the garage.

X-Wing In The Yard

Building your own full sized X-Wing might seem excessive to some, but when you are a true fan, there is no such thing as too much. A lot of cardboard and spray paint were all involved in the making of this amazing replica - and don't forget a large salad bowl to make R2-D2! So much detail is involved in this crazy-awesome DIY.

This giant Spider is the opposite of what I want on my lawn

There is about zero percent chance that I would want this on my lawn, but if you were so inclined you need PVC pipes and some spray paint. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

20 ft tall, 40 ft long, and breathes fire? This is the definition of over the top! Probably not a suitable project for a beginner, but check out how it was made, and if you are really ambitious give it a try yourself!

A literal Time Machine!

You just have to see it to believe it! There are two videos, one that explains a bit of how they made it but also one that shows you what the experience actually looked like for the people inside. It was actually ridiculously well done!

Do any of these give you inspiration for your own Halloween decoration? It isn't too late! Start planning now!

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