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Overdosing Couple From Viral Video Now Sober Due To Tough Choices

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When the video of Ronald overdosing went viral, one of the viewers was his estranged daughter from a former marriage, Paris Hardee. She was struck by the footage, and immediately reached out to her father.

She helped him find treatment and supported him through his attempts at rehab. Eventually, he managed to give up substances entirely.

Carla was released from jail several weeks after the incident and says she has reestablished her connection with her faith. The two of them have remained in touch afterwards, however, have separated themselves in order to get their lives back together.

Ronald is still living in Tennessee, and sees his children and grandchildren often. Carla refuses to return to the city she left saying, "I don’t want to go back to Memphis. A lot of bad memories, a lot of bad things happened there."

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