Owner Worried About Leaving Dog Behind Came Up With A Hilarious List of Rules For Sitter

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Dog's are wonderful creatures, not only are they adorable, they're loyal and very entertaining. So it's only normal that people became as attached to their pooches as they are to their loved ones and have a hard time parting ways with them even if it is just for a few hours.

Tommy Rivers was tasked with looking after his aunt's dog for a few days, but just like any responsible pet parent would do when leaving their precious ones behind, Pepper's owner left a detailed note for her nephew to ensure everything goes over smoothly.

While most notes are short and uncomplicated and usually read along the lines of "Remember to feed Fido at 7am and 5pm, fill his bowl with water and walk him twice a day," Pepper's set of rules were VERY detailed and hilarious.


The note not only outlines how to properly feed Pepper the pomeranian, but Tommy's aunt made sure to let him know that her dog is "the prettiest girl in the world" and needs lots of affection including "big hugs, little kisses, sniffs and belly rubs."


It sounds easy and simple, right? It would be if this was all that Tommy was required to do but there's a lot more than goes into watching Pepper all which is detailed in the note.

Tommy couldn't help but share the note along with pictures of Pepper on his Twitter page and the internet instantly fell in love with it all.

You can read the contents of the special note and find out how Tommy and Pepper fared at the end of the day on the next page.

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