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Not Every Olympic Gold is Glorious

Our coaches, teachers and parents tell us that we have to give 110% if we want to succeed in life. Well, not always. These Olympians prove that hanging back, having patience or literally just throwing yourself to the ground will get you a gold medal.

Not all Olympic wins have been as epic as the achievements of Usain Bolt,  Michael Phelps or Simone Biles. Here are a few athletes who've taken a different approach to Olympic glory.

In 2002, Australian Speed Skater, Steven Bradbury Wins Gold By SLOWING DOWN:

This is a legitimate strategy. Bradbury didn't even think he'd finish with a medal. Then, Chinese athlete, Lia Jiajun tries to overtake American skater Apollo Ohno. In the most awkward crash on ice ever, the four frontrunners collide and Bradbury sailed past like: whaddup dudes?

In 2004, Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima Won SHOULD Have Won Gold, But He Got Bronze

He was about to be the first Brazilian to win an Olympic gold medal in the marathon. He had a 30 second lead on his opponents, he was probably thinking to himself 'I got this!' Then, wait - WHAT THE? Irish? - Nooooo! Get Away!

When former Irish priest, Cornelius "Neil" Horan pushed him off of the track the Brazilian runner lost  20 seconds two places. But, he finished with the heart of a champion to a roaring crowd. He kept his head up and celebrated his medal with the world.

August 2016 Shaunae Miller Wins Women's 400m Gold By DIVING

Also legal, Shaunae Miller surged forward and was neck-and-neck with USA runner Allyson Felix. When it seemed that Felix would take the finish, Miller checks her shoulder, gives zero fucks about the pain and just bellyflops forward into the ground. She wins by a torso.

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