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10 Pallet Projects You Can Do Yourself

If you are handy or know someone who is, you will be able to pull off these amazing DIY projects that use old pallets and transform them into beautiful pieces of furniture.

A lot of the time, you can actually get pallets for free from a lot of stores that get a a large number of deliveries. So check out your local building centers and see if they would be willing to let you take them. Try to get the cleanest and straightest ones you can, and then use them to make yourself some new unique furniture.

1. Bar Cart

By attaching two pallets, you can build a cute little bar cart that will house all your bottles. You will have a good amount of storage space and can even attach wheels to make it more mobile. Tutorial here.

2. Children's Playhouse

Christmas is coming and you might be looking for an outside-the-box idea for your kids. Why not build them a cool little playhouse to hang out in? Every kid wants their own club house, and using pallets can help you keep the cost down. Tutorial here.

3. Christmas Tree

This one is pretty simple, cut a regular pallet into a triangle and boom! Christmas tree! Use it on your porch, or if you are feeling exceptionally unique replace your tree inside with this wooden version. Saves you from having to clean up all those pine needles!

4. A Swinging Bed

This is like a hammock only comfier. I super want one of these, you can make the project with the tutorial found here.

5. Rustic Headboard

Disassembling the pallets will give you some distressed wood pieces that would make a very rustic looking headboard. Tutorial here.

6. Coffee Table

I love the look of this coffee table. It's the perfect rustic and simple table that would go well in almost anyone's home. Tutorial here.

7. Colorful Pallet Planter Display

Even though winter is coming and you may not want to think about planters, you can create something like this for your indoor plants. You don't have to paint it in a bunch of different colors, instead, you could make it match your interior decor and have a really cool looking floral wall! Tutorial here.

8. Coffee Mug Holder

We all seem to own a lot of coffee mugs. You get them as gifts, or on sale, or even as a little souvenir when you go on vacation. Why not display them all proudly near your coffee maker instead of tucking them away in a cupboard. Tutorial here.

9. Cute Console Table

We all have those random blank spaces in our halls that aren't quite wide enough to put anything in. But, if you put a small console table it can brighten up an otherwise boring area, and give you a cute place to display some items that will give your house that "Pinterest" style. Tutorial here.

10. Decorative Shelf

It's a simple little touch that brightens up any room. You could display pictures or, like they have here, pretty dishes. Anything that will stand out and add a pop of color to the wall. Tutorial here. Which of these crafts do you want to make? Share with your friends and make plans to go hunt down some pallets!

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