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17 Pampered Puppies Teach You How To Relax

Sometimes, all you need is a good day of pampering. If you can't figure out how to do that, you will need some advice from the best of the best.

Dogs really are the most wonderful things. Whether they are happy and playing, sleepy and snoring or anywhere in between, there is just about nothing better than a dog. These dogs are living their best life, enjoying every day, and making each moment count.

Take some advice from these 17 dogs, and pamper yourself with some of their tricks and tips!


Enjoy breakfast in bed as often as you can.

You deserve it.

Don't be afraid to order what you REALLY want

I mean, you are paying for it right?

Get cozy.

Don't sacrifice your comfort because you are embarrassed. Go all out! Use ALL the pillows!

Be insistent when it comes to your comfort. If there is something you really want, demand it.

If you put it out in the universe, it will come back to you.

Make sure you get enough sleep

8-18 hours required.

Claim the comfiest chair and do your best not to leave it.

Keep yourself entertained

You don't need anyone to amuse you when you can spend time doing what you love to do.

Go out for a night on the town

Go grab a drink with a friend and have a night off!

Get your own massage chair

Your muscles will thank you for it.

Go get a hair cut

There's almost no better feeling than having someone do your hair.

Maybe while you get your hair done, you can get them to massage your scalp?

The greatest feeling.

Get a nice face massage

So much tension in those cheeks!

Get a mani/pedi

Keep those nails looking cute.

Or, get a pedi and a full facial! Why not!

Just let go and spoil yourself.

Catch up with old friends.

       GiphyIt's always nice to reconnect.

Take a break from that strict diet


One cheat day isn't going to kill you!

And when you are all done having the best day, go to bed early!


It's exhausting to be so relaxed.

What is your favourite way to relax? Share with someone who you think needs to take a day off!

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