Paralyzed Bulldog Runs With His Pals In The Park For The First Time

Besides bacon, the park is a dog's favorite thing. The best part of my dog's day is getting to run around like a lunatic with other dogs in a field of grass and then flop down under some shady trees. There is nothing better for a dog than to roam free with your pack of pals at the park. At one time, it seemed like Oscar the Bulldog would never have that experience - his hind legs are paralyzed.

Just look at him now! He's grinning from ear to ear and whizzing around on his wheelchair. Some other dogs come over to check him out and he's thrilled to meet them. Together they zip off into the dog park, he even out-runs some of them!

All dogs deserve a chance to run with the pack. Do you have a heartwarming experience with a special needs pup? Tell us in the comments below! Please like and share to spread the doggy love!

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