Paralyzed Surgeon Overcomes The Odds And Pushes Through Tragedy

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Dr. Ted Rummel is living a life that seems to be right out of Grey's Anatomy. The orthopedic surgeon works at Progress West Healthcare in O'Fallon, Missouri. Dr. Rummel prided himself on his ability to perform about 1,000 surgeries every year, helping people get their lives back.

However, in 2010, Dr. Rummel's life changed forever.

A blood-filled cyst sitting on Dr. Rummerl's spine burst, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Walking, standing, and anything else that came along with daily life was suddenly a challenge.

“One of my first thoughts was, ‘Oh my gosh, my life as I know it was erased,’” he told the Make Medicine Better blog.

For many people, a setback like this would derail their life. Becoming a paraplegic means having to re-learn how to achieve daily activities. But Dr. Rummel refused to let this challenge take his life away from him.

Dr. Ted Rummel spent a year in rehab after a burst blood-filled cyst left him paralyzed.St. Louis Today

It took a year of rehabilitation, but Dr. Rummel worked to regain his surgical techniques. After his treatment, something amazing happened.

He stood up in the operating room one more time.

So how did he do it? And how is his paralysis affecting his career?

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