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Parents Are Outraged After School Fines Students For Being Late To Class

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It seems like lots of schools have been experimenting with new policies and rules lately, and most of them have left parents feeling angry.

We told you about a school that posted an angry message warning parents not to bring forgotten books, homework or lunches to school. Their plan backfired when lots of parents online reminded the school that kids aren't perfect, and that children shouldn't be punished for the kind of normal mistakes we all make.

There was also the Florida school that landed in hot water when it was revealed they were selling premium lunch passes that let children cut to the front of the lunch line for $100. Money and their child's education are two topics that parents take very seriously, so mixing them is probably a bad idea.

But that hasn't stopped Utah's Stansbury High School from introducing a new policy that has many parents up in arms. It seems that lots of students were loitering in the hallways when they should have been in class, and school administrators came up with an unusual solution.

Starting last week, the school can actually fine students if they arrive to class late. While the school's principal is playing down the fines, parents are raising questions about where the money is going.

But the school says after a week with the new policy, the results speak for themselves.

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