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Parents Told Their Kids It Was "Feel Good Juice" - Turns Out It Was Heroin

After being reported to Child Protective Services by a concerned neighbor, Ashlee Hutt and Leroy Mclver have been charged with injecting their children with heroin. The three children have been living in a home that is filled with rat droppings, drug needles and heroin scattered around. The children were taken away back in November 2015. The authorities tested the three children and found traces of heroine in two of the kids.

The children, aged 6, 4 and 2, are doing well and are safely in protective services. They were asked about what their parents gave them and the six-year-old boy told investigators that his parents gave him "feel good medicine" with a needle. He described it as a "white powder which was mixed with water" before it was injected into their arms and would cause the kids to go to sleep. He also referred to the injections as their "sleepy juice".

Even the youngest daughter, only 2-years-old, tested positive for heroine in her hair. The mother, Hutt, had ironically just celebrated the fact that another mother was jailed for the death of her 2-year-old son after his overdose. Hutt reportedly stated that "This never would've happened if you were with your father or family that actually cared for you."

The trial has been set for December 20th 2016.

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