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Parents Take Hilarious "Newborn Photos" with 21-Year-Old Son, And The Backstory Is Heart Warming

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When you're told never to judge a picture before you know the story behind it, it's usually for good reason. These unexpected photos are just that.

Rebecca Hayes and David Ward were never able to take newborn photos with their son, Clayton, so they decided to make up for it- 21 years later.

Rebecca and David started dating in high school, when she became pregnant with Clayton during her sophomore year.

The couple ended up parting ways before the birth of their son and went on to marry and have more children with other partners. They did however, reconnect again for the sake of Clayton and remained friends over the years.

In 2013 Rebecca's husband passed away and David helped her get through the difficult time in her life. Soon after David was faced with his own family crisis when his wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and passed away last year.

United by their grief, Rebecca and David supported each other and soon their friendship turned into romance yet again.

But how do you take on a project like this?

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