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16 Passive Aggressive Notes From Neighbors That Make Yours Look Not As Bad

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Everyone has "that neighbor". It may not be a bad neighbor. But it's definitely one you've got stories from for a dinner party.

Sometimes though, things get a little out of hand. One time our neighbors covered their satellite dish in barbed wire and stuck a dead fish in it. All we saw every morning when we looked outside was that fish. Not ideal.

But we never did anything this crazy to retaliate. Check out these hilarious passive aggressive notes from one neighbor to another. I'm okay with the fish now...

1. Someone called the cops because this guy had 3 flamingos on his lawn...now what?

2. Oh, was nobody interested in a peep show at 9am?

3. I'd hope you use gloves first...

4. The diagram really helps get the point across!

5. Okay this guy just needs to relax! Maybe just go for a bike ride or--oh wait.

6. The real question is why he timed it...

7. I hear these are great for your glutes, though!

8. Something tells me that's not what Bob meant, but I like your moxie.

9. She went full Anna-From-Frozen on this one!

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