Vogue Brazil Taking Heat After Photoshopping Able-Bodied Models for Paralympic Campaign

In what has already been an outrageously controversial year for Brazil, Vogue Brazil is now fueling those fires even more.

Instead of hiring models with physical disabilities to be a part of their Paralympic campaign, the magazine decided just to photoshop disabilities onto able-bodied models and call it a day. The female model had an arm removed, to mirror Paralympian Bruna Alexandre, while the male model and has leg removed to mirror athlete Renate Leite.


Yeah, that's probably not your best idea.

While both models are ambassadors for the Brazilian Paralympic Committee, it still seems like a wasted opportunity to add some representation on Vogue's part. It's been noted that as of 2016, people with disabilities are some of the most underrepresented in the media. Considering one in five Americans have a disability, this statistic is baffling.

Some people were quick to jump to the defense of Vogue Brazil, noting the Paralympians the shoot was modeled after were in the studio as it happened.


           Instagram photo by Bruninha Alexandre • Aug 25, 2016 at 12:51am UTC


Still, it feels like a bit of regression in society after working so hard to gain representation for all types of people. To photoshop a disability onto someone when there are actual people with those disabilities who could have filled the position is a little ridiculous.

What do you think? Was Vogue Brazil out of line? Or is it just part of the business? Let us know!

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