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Live-Tweet Marathon Proves Patrick Stewart Is Still The Man.

Fans of Sir Patrick Stewart may remember him best from his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the '90's television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Millennials will recognize him as Professor Charles Xavier, from the X-Men franchise.

Today, the 76-year-old took over the Twittersphere to promote the return of his most recent television role in the series Blunt Talk.

Armed with a champagne/pamplemousse liqueur and his keyboard, Sir Patrick answered fan questions with the hashtag: #AskSirPatStew.

Fans asked him about his career:

He answers the hard-hitting questions:

Obviously, he's got great taste in art..

He has mastered the art of saying no - without actually saying no.

He's sprinkling the internet with the wisdome of happiness:

He likes the really complicated roles:

He's got his eye on the prize:

Then he expertly answered all of our adult beverage questions:

He gives great recommendations:

Finally, he reveals the secret to our most burning question:

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