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Paul Ryan Catches Congressman's Son Dabbing During His Dad's Swearing-In

Paul Ryan has a lot on his plate right now. As he's preparing for Donald Trump's inauguration later this month, he also has to perform his duties as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and all of this is on top of his own duties as a congressman.

So we'll forgive him for not knowing what dabbing is, even when it's right in front of his face.

In case you need to be caught up, dabbing is a kind of dance move that originated in the Atlanta hip hop scene and was popularized by football players like Cam Newton.

For some reason, Kansas representative Roger Marshall's son Cal thought his father's swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday would be the perfect time to bust out a dab on the confused Speaker.

If you're a little puzzled by all this, don't worry: we all are. Ryan seemed to think the young man was sick, asking him "Are you going to sneeze, is that it?" before making him put his arm down.

On social media, people got a kick out of Cal's antics, but his father was not impressed.

To make things even more perplexing, some have pointed out that Cal might have been trying to dress up as Ken Bone, the undecided voter who became an internet sensation after asking a question at the second presidential debate.

We'll let you decide if the resemblance is real or imagined:

Either way, Cal's moves don't hold a candle to Hillary Clinton's, who famously dabbed on the Ellen Show.

At the end of the day, we'll never know why Cal decided to dab during his dad's big moment, but it sure was a lot of fun.

We'll probably never get to write "dab" and "Speaker Paul Ryan" in the same sentence ever again, so it's important to enjoy life's small, bizarre moments when you can.

Ryan managed to smile and pat Cal on the shoulder after his antics, so we know it didn't bother him too much. It seems like he's still trying to wrap his mind around everything though.

What do you think? Did Cal deserve to be grounded for dabbing?

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