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People Are Debating Whether "Daddy-Daughter Dates" Are Cute Or Weird

Caitlin Fladager made headlines last week when she shared a picture of her husband taking their daughter on a monthly "date."

The pair get dressed up, go out for cake and cookies, and spend some quality time together once a month. Fladager says her daughter loves this tradition, and she think it also teaches her daughter an important life lesson.

"She will always know how she deserves to be treated," she wrote on her Facebook page, "because her dad sets such a high example."

You can tell from the photos Cailtin shared that her daughter had lots of fun, but not everyone who's read her story is smiling.

Apparently, not everyone is happy about the idea of monthly father-daughter bonding time. Rebecca Reid wrote for Metro that these "dates" are "creepy."

Reid also says that treating your child to a cake and presents every month only teaches them to expect to be looked after all the time. She even criticized people for sharing the story and applauding Caitlin's husband.

"People are lining up to congratulate a man for spending time with his kid," she wrote, adding that men shouldn't be rewarded for doing the "fun part of parenting" while mothers do the hard work.

People have obviously fallen in love with Fladager's cute story, because her post has been shared more than 40,000 times, and her comment section is filled with people who are much more positive about the dates.

Caitlin and her husband are obviously not bothered by the criticism. She shared a link to the article with her followers today, writing "if you want a good laugh this morning!!"

What do you think? Did Caitlin's husband get too much credit, or is this idea really cute?

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