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People Are Doing The Nicest Things For Stray Dogs This Winter

People in Istanbul, Turkey have been going above and beyond the call of duty to help stray dogs this winter.

With the temperatures plunging and the snow falling heavily, the poor pups were being left out stranded in the cold. But some wonderful people are doing what they can to keep these dogs warm. They lay cardboard down for the pups to sleep on and cover them with blankets. Each "station" also has a pile of food placed by it as well.

"It was fabulous," Ali Celik said. He was one of the people dropping off supplies for the dogs. He noted the other people would not give their names. "The people were there to help the animals, not so that others could see them helping."

Some stores in Istanbul have gone even further, opening their doors to the strays so they can sleep inside.

The dogs seem to appreciate the gestures, showing affection to the people who help them out.

This is such a great way you can help out dogs in need even if you can't take them in! And it's always nice to know there are good people in the world willing to help just for the sake of helping.

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