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People Are Grossed Out By These Wine And Cheese 'Shots'

People love wine, people love cheese, and people even love these two ingredients when they're paired together. So you might be surprised by the reaction to this recipe for shot glasses made of cheese.

Popsugar unveiled these quirky treats last week, and since then people have been sharing their disgust on social media. Whether it's the look of these 'glasses' or the taste people imagine when they see it, something about it just rubs them the wrong way.

We'll admit, there's something a little disturbing about these glossy cheese cups, but then again, we haven't tasted them. Regardless, just looking at this recipe filled some people with strong feelings that they had to share online.


           Instagram video by POPSUGAR Food • Dec 28, 2016 at 7:20pm UTC


Usually the comment sections on online recipes are a good place to find baking tips, or friendly recommendations, but viewers on Popsugar's Facebook mostly shared their disapproval with this cheesy creation instead.

The bulk of the complaints seem to come from the choice to use basic American cheddar for the cups, but the idea of drinking wine flavored by a room temperature cheesy glass (and having to hold that glass while you sip your wine) was probably doomed from the start.

Note: Misusing cheese brings out strong feelings in some people, so beware of foul language.

Some even rushed to point out that the chef in the video was clearly less than impressed with these unique appetizers.

Does that look like the face of someone who's thinking "Mmm, yummy"?

If you're willing to try these controversial treats, the recipe can be found here, but you're braver than us. You may earn points for style by attempting this recipe, but your guests would probably prefer a basic cheese platter and some wine in a (normal) glass.

What do you think, does this recipe deserve a chance?

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