These Coffee Shops Are Getting A Lot Of Attention For A Great Reason

Sometimes, it takes a big change in our lives to get a new perspective on things. Amy Wright got her new perspective when her son Beau was born with Down Syndrome.

People with Down Syndrome can still work, go to school, and lead happy and successful lives, but they're often shut out from opportunities to learn and grow.

Amy began to rethink a lot of things, like the job opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Less than half of the people with intellectual disabilities in America are employed.

Amy decided to help change that. With her husband Ben, she opened up Beau's Coffee, a cafe staffed by people with IDD. It's since been renamed to Bitty and Beau's, for Amy's daughter Bitty - who also has Down Syndrome, and the business has become a huge success.

Bitty and Beau's gives their workers great experience, and people love getting their coffee from the polite and friendly staff. All of the workers have some type of disability, ranging from autism and Down Syndrome to cerebral palsy.

The original shop had 19 employees, but the business has expanded to a bigger location with 40 workers. Amy and Ben are hoping to turn their business into a franchise, so more Bitty and Beau's cafes will open across the country.

What a great idea! Share if you'd like to see one open up near where you live!

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