People Are Livid About This New Toddler Bike

Fisher-Price is an incredibly respected toy company.

Their different varieties of toys for kids of all ages are a staple in most households. They tend to be fun, bright, and educational.

But recently, Fisher-Price came out with a new product that has people really upset (although no one is really sure why.)

Their new toy, the Think & Learn Smart Cycle is a toddler bike that connects to your TV and tablet for an interactive video game experience. The child has to pedal in order for the game to work and all the games are educational! The bike will retail for $150 and includes the tablet docking station.

The app tells parents what the kids have learned on their "bike ride" and how long they have been pedaling. It's aimed at kids aged 3 to 6 and is a valiant effort in fighting childhood obesity.

But, because people will get angry about anything, many were appalled by the toddler bike, saying it was just another way to encourage "laziness."

But others made valid points in favor of the bike:

Personally, I'm with the people who think it's a great idea. I grew up in a place where you couldn't bike for a lot of the year due to snow and ice. This would have been a great way to keep active due to those winter months!

What do you think? Is this bike a good idea or a bad idea? Let us know!

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