People Are Taking Divorce Selfies To Celebrate The End Of Their Marriages

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We're all aware that the internet is home to some pretty strange trends. Year after year, we can count on social media users to come up with new trends that are mostly entertaining, but occasionally weird.

More recently, divorce selfies have been all the rage.

Couples have been taking photos of themselves before, after or during a divorce and posting them online to commemorate the end of their marriages.

These ex-lovers are not trying to romanticize divorce, they're taking these photos to show others that it can be amicable. While some of the selfies are awkward (obviously), others are downright bittersweet.

Here are 15 of our favorite divorce selfies:


So it's official... I officially became a divorced woman as of August 4th (only found out today lol). I'm lucky to have had such a mutual, friendly separation/divorce. Not all things are meant to be in life but we had a damn good run at it, with great memories along the way. (Made some awesome friends too, you know who you all are!!) Never thought life would have led me on the path I am today (being in a country on my own) but I'm both scared and excited to see what my future may hold! Here's to new beginnings! 🤞 #divorceselfie #divorcee #separation #friendlydivorce #militarydivorce #militarywifenomore #freshlydivorced #offthebandwagon #single #singlelife #whenitsnotmeanttobe #movingon #divorcedandhappy #divorcedwithahappyending #breakups #breakupsdontalwayshavetobesad #butstillbittersweet

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More excited than out our wedding day. #heresyoursign #divorceselfie

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Then there are the awkward ones that will make you cringe hard. Just wait till you see them.

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