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Afraid Of Stairs? Experts Say President Trump's "Greatest Fear" Is Probably Untrue

It's been a busy week for President Trump, but there's one small story that keeps making headlines no matter what he does.

It all started a few days ago when the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May came to the White House for a visit. After their meeting, the pair were seen holding hands while they walked down a flight of stairs.

Soon, British newspapers were writing what they called an inside scoop: the President of the United States has a condition called bathmophobia, or a fear of stairs. The story goes that Trump took May's hand because he was worried about falling on the steps.

As it turned out, there was already a lot of evidence that Trump might be afraid of stairs. An article in the Washington Post from a few days ago wondered if Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway was becoming less popular, because she had been "exiled" to an office on the second floor of the White House, saying that Trump didn't like to walk up the stairs.

Some people even brought up his old tweets about the dangerously speedy way Obama climbed the stairs of Air Force One as proof that the president is obsessed with them.

While this theory would explain a lot, it's probably not true. For one thing, there are lots of photo of Trump walking both up and down the stairs, including last week at his inauguration.

Another theory claimed Trump - who's admitted to being a "germaphobe" - isn't scared of stairs, just their railings, because they're so dirty. But there's no shortage of photos showing him using stair railings either!

The fact is, Trump was probably just holding Theresa May's hand to be a gentleman. There's no real proof that he's afraid of stairs, any stories or claims about his "bathmophobia" come from articles with anonymous sources, and the fear of stairs doesn't even have its own Wikipedia page.

Still, people are having lots of fun with these rumors. Some are even teasing Trump with pictures of "scary" staircases.

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